Thing Ever

Energy Ratings
Among the Highest

in the HVAC industry

Operates in a

Wide Range of Climates

including extreme temperatures, where other systems can’t

Wide Range in Climates Window

With traditional ductwork, you can lose heated and cooled air through leaks and poor connections.

Ductless solves that, and more.

This all sounds intriguing...but what exactly is “ductless”?

Ductless (also called a mini-split) is a type of HVAC system that doesn’t blow air through long expanses of ductwork. Instead, the climate controlled air is generated by indoor air handling units attached to walls and/or ceilings – either in a single zone or multiple. The units are connected to the outdoor condenser and compressor with hidden conduit. This setup offers a couple of important benefits. One, it’s easier to install, especially in space-challenged buildings. Two, it’s more energy efficient. And three, it’s just cleaner.

Perfect for challenging spaces.

A compact form factor and flexible design makes Midea Ductless the perfect solution for a number of challenges: Tight quarters. Older buildings with baseboard heating. Attic or garage build-outs. Rooms that are difficult to heat and cool. Our systems can enhance your existing HVAC system or replace it, depending on your needs.
Finally – get everything you’re looking for without blowing your budget. Midea offers a rare combination of high performance, top-tier energy ratings, whisper quiet operation and user-friendly features, all packed into a tidy system.

High efficiency.
Exceptional value.


How will your household change over time? Will you welcome a new baby…or empty the nest? Turn a storage closet into a home gym? Our systems offer the ultimate in flexibility to accommodate changing needs.

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