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The Ultimate Comfort Zone
Whatever your need, we have a solution! Get multiple unit options to help you beat the heat with Midea.
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The High Wall
This is the perfect unit for open floor plans, such as a living room, where air easily circulates and foot traffic is high. Since it sits high on the wall, the unit stays out of the way to give your room more usable space.
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The Cassette
This is a great solution when you need four-way directional air flow, like in a home office. The unit recesses into the ceiling and can be placed in the center of the room for optimal comfort and control.
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console-solution console-solution-mb
The Console
Choose this unit for areas like a sunroom or finished attic, with shorter walls and minimal insulation. This unit sits about six inches off the floor as to not obstruct your view or lighting.
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ducted-solution ducted-solution-mb
The Ducted
This unit is great when you want to leverage the same ductwork for two or more small spaces, like a bathroom and a closet. It can be installed in the ceiling, floor, or wall to keep the unit hidden while still getting the flexibility of a Ductless System.
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air-handler-solution air-handler-solution-mb
The Air Handler
The Air Handler is the perfect choice when you want to leverage existing ductwork but still enjoy the benefits of a Ductless System. And, it can be installed both horizontally and vertically, giving you maximum flexibility.
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We Have a System to Suit Every Room
Just as every room in your home has its own design, purpose and detail, each room should also have its own custom comfort level. No temperature is a one-size-fits-all solution for your home. Your living room may be a big open space that needs more heat, where your new home office, while small and tidy, needs extra air flow.
Luckily, Midea Ductless is here to help. We have a system to suit any need. From units that sit high up and out of the way, to ones that are tucked out of sight, every room in your home deserves its own special touch of comfort.
The perfect solution to mix and match up to five indoor units with one outdoor unit to bring ductless to multiple rooms or your whole home. A multi-room system is a great option for a new build or a finished basement.
Light Commercial
Midea’s light commercial units meet a wide range of needs and applications — from malls and restaurants to offices, garages and more. And they have many of the same features as the residential lineup, including Wi-Fi® compatibility, efficient operation, flexible installation and low ambient temperature performance.
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