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The Business Case for a Ductless Home Office

Today, more people than ever are working from home. Sure, the convenience of smartphones and laptops make it possible to work from an armchair or dining room table. But if you really want to be productive, it helps to have a dedicated space where you can dig in, focus and get down to business. How do you go about setting up a functional home office?


What type of workspace do you need to do your best work?

A comfortable workspace often means having a little elbow room. That may mean converting an attic, garage, sunroom or other area that may not have heating and AC. A ductless system can turn any space into a more comfortable work environment. Better yet, it can be done with far minimal hassle, cost or reconfiguration.

However, not all ductless systems offer equal power, compacity and efficiency. Midea offers a wide variety of ductless units, so you can create a system that is right for the needs, size and condition of your in-home workspace.

Set a Budget

How can you keep time and costs under control?

One huge appeal of ductless systems: they minimize the time and cost of installation.

The typical ductless system consists of an outdoor and indoor unit. These units are connected by a refrigerant pipe and electric cable which enter the house through a three-inch hole in the wall. Since the outdoor unit powers the indoor unit, there’s no need for additional wiring. Normally, the only structural requirement is drilling the hole, so disruption is minimal. And there’s no need for sheetrock, patching, repairing or repainting—which also saves time and money.

Since ductless systems, like those offered by Midea, require no ductwork, installation is a piece of cake. And once your system is up and running, you’ll also have less energy loss, because the air doesn’t have to travel through inefficient ductwork.

Maintain Comfort

How do you ensure that your workspace is always conducive to working?

Some areas of a home can get too hot, cold or drafty, depending on the time of year. This is particularly true if you’re converting an attic, sunroom or garage space.

A ductless system can help you maintain ideal temperatures by eliminating hot and cold zones. And with individual zone control, you can heat or cool your office to your preference, without disrupting the rest of the house.

Midea offers systems with integrated sensors that can direct airflow toward the people in your workspace, to give you ultimate comfort and climate control. Since your Midea system is independent from your home’s existing HVAC, you can enjoy a comfortable office space without heating or cooling parts of the house that you may not be using.

Peace & Quiet

While you’re planning a space, are you overlooking the noise factor?

Don’t limit your plans to the visual appeal of your new workspace—no one likes a noisy office. Ductless systems dramatically reduce noise levels because they use quiet wall units rather than ducts and registers.

Ducted systems rely on compressors that alternate between on and off modes, which result in noisy system startups. The inverter technology used by ductless systems continuously adjusts heating and cooling capacities to maintain an even temperature, so there are no hard shut-offs or startups.

Midea offers solutions that are as easy on the ears as they are on the eyes, featuring a refined, minimalist design that fits well with most existing interiors.

Remember—use your business sense

While ductless units may look similar, the differences go far beyond price points. Energy efficiency, quality and even things like the ease of changing filters can impact your satisfaction for years to come. With numerous models to choose from, Midea has a solution that is right for your home office.